Welcome to 2016!

If you’re reading this, that means you survived the first two weeks of second semester; that also means you deserve not only a pat on the back but a full-body shiatsu massage. (I think we had a massage parlor set up for finals weeks? I don’t know, I was too busy working (*sleeping*) in Gleason to know what was going on around me. )

In these first two weeks of school, I’ve seen people not only cracking open textbooks, but also hitting the gym on a regular basis, whipping up some seriously tasty and colorful salads in WilCo, and kinda going to bed at a normal time (..kinda). So, it looks like we’re starting both the year and the semester off to a good start!

We at Team Green for Dining are also super pumped for this semester. We’ve already got some plans in the work for fun events this semester to educate you on being eco-conscious and sustainable with your eating habits (*give you free food*), and we’re also working on reforming some dining programs to continue making your life here at the UofR as awesome as possible and to help you keep your healthy New Year’s Resolutions possible while living on a college-student budget.

Something to remember from last semester: refillable coffee mugs get you a discount on hot tea/coffee, and cold cups get you a discount on iced tea/coffee. Prices should be set to the same level at all locations on campus.

Throughout the year, we’ll be posting similar news on Dining programs here on the blog. We’ll also post some fun reads that’ll be worthy of Buzzfeed competition for your procrastination time (bold statement, I know, but I’m gonna live up to it). So bookmark or follow us on Facebook and keep your eye open for Team Green activities in the Weekly Buzz!

Have any questions for Team Green? Post a comment on one of our posts or send us an email at urdiningteamgreen@gmail.com. We’ll be happy to help clear anything up for you!


Author: Jackie Ibragimov


Happy New Year!

Hey, guys!

I’m excited for a new semester here at the good ol’ U of R, and I hope y’all are too.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I’m quite ready for 2014– none of my favorite NFL teams made it to the playoffs, every year I inherit more scary adult things to worry about (student loans, anyone?), and I’m going to accidentally write “2013” on my assignments until about mid-December.  Thankfully, unlike this slacker, Team Green is ready for the new year and we have a number of exciting things planned!

We’re currently making a video about composting, to help show students how UR handles food waste.  We’ll be hiring (exciting news, guys!!! updates will be posted here soon).  We’re formally launching our “Take Back the Tap” campaign to promote use of reusable water bottles.  Meatless Mondays are back next week, and we’re making good use of the feedback we received last semester (get pumped for more vegan desserts and made-on-the-spot vegetarian sushi).  We’re sponsoring the campus wide RecycleMania during the “Get Creative” week.   Local Foods Week will be the glorious celebration of delicious and sustainable produce that we all know and love.

We’ve certainly got a lot on our plate this semester.  (Get it?  Plate?  …Sorry, it wasn’t that funny.)

As always, this work is made possible by the support of Cam Schauf, the head of Dining and Auxiliary Services, the Marketing Manager Kevin Aubrey, the Campus Nutritionist Christina Patterson, and the many other wonderful chefs and dining workers (who also make sure we get to, you know, eat).  So remember to say thanks next time you’re in line to snag a burrito from the Pit or a made-to-order omelet at brunch!

Good luck with the new semester!


Author: Charlotte Humes

A Sustainable Thanks-gif-ing

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope y’all are enjoying the bounty of everything for which you can be thankful– friends, food, no classes.  As you all know, my goal this year was to have a sustainable Thanksgiving.  I stayed on campus, so transportation wasn’t really a big deal, allowing me to focus on making sustainable food choices.  I decided to try something radically new and make my own tofurkey.

Confession: I didn’t really know what I was doing.  Not a clue.  So I just threw some things together because making things up as you go along is great and never, ever ends poorly.  Nope.

funny (14571) Animated Gif on Giphy

The whole time it cooked, I was watching nervously.

My mom actually called while I was cooking to wish me a happy Thanksgiving.  She asked how I was celebrating, and I explained that my day consists of staring at the oven as if my observation will somehow affect the cooking process, and obsessively turning the oven light on every five minutes to check the progress.  “You could have just bought a pre-made one,” my mother pointed out.

How it turned out:

Phil Dunphy

I also mentioned I’d be sharing, to help prevent any waste.  When I told my friend Brandon that he, being the lucky, lucky man that he is, got to enjoy some lip-smacking tofu turkey, he wasn’t exactly thrilled by the prospect.  But he, being the really, really good friend that he is, agreed to try it anyway


For a self-professed carnivore, he actually thought it was pretty okay.  (The fact that he ate a whole slice means he doesn’t get to knock it.)

Of course, the roasted squash, which I stuffed with barley, and the baked butternut slices turned out delicious (and even my omnivorous friend agreed with me here).

So in the end, Thanksgiving dinner turned out just fine.

Bill Cosby Hoagie

…And tofu totally turns into pumpkin pie!

Mind Blown

Hope your day was as exciting (and sustainable) as mine!

Ice Cube Good Day

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Author: Charlotte Humes