In case you have yet to discover this for yourself, the Rochester Museum and Science Center, located a mere three-and-a-half miles from campus, is awesome.  Seriously awesome.

I found this out not too long ago myself– my first  visit was just last week, as Team Green was invited to come present at an event they were holding, MISSION:GREEN.  This program was meant to educate visitors on how they could live more sustainably, and other presenters talked about upcycling, wetland conservation, and what runoff is and how families can try to prevent it, among other things.  It was a really neat event, full of fun demonstrations and activities for the kids coming through, and I’m really glad we got to go out and be a part of it.


For our part, we decided to talk about tap water vs. bottled water– no surprise there!  We had information on where tap water comes from, how it is cleaned, and even demonstrated a small, homemade filter.

We reused an empty 2-liter bottle to build our filter, and it allowed us to show how effective such filters are at cleaning icky water (our dirty water had mud, leaves, plastic, and oil).


And what would a Saturday afternoon be without some fun crafts?  We also made fake tie-dye Earths out of coffee filters (because, you know, filtration).


Of course, the take home message wasn’t actually about how tap water is well-filtered and therefore just as clean as bottled water– even though it is– but rather that we shouldn’t take advantage of that fact by mucking up our water.  Adding contaminants means that it takes more energy to clean our water, and that has a negative environmental cost all on its own.

And, of course, the other take home message: your local museum and science center is way cool and you should go visit.  Just make sure to bring a reusable water bottle!



Author: Charlotte Humes