Welcome to 2016!

If you’re reading this, that means you survived the first two weeks of second semester; that also means you deserve not only a pat on the back but a full-body shiatsu massage. (I think we had a massage parlor set up for finals weeks? I don’t know, I was too busy working (*sleeping*) in Gleason to know what was going on around me. )

In these first two weeks of school, I’ve seen people not only cracking open textbooks, but also hitting the gym on a regular basis, whipping up some seriously tasty and colorful salads in WilCo, and kinda going to bed at a normal time (..kinda). So, it looks like we’re starting both the year and the semester off to a good start!

We at Team Green for Dining are also super pumped for this semester. We’ve already got some plans in the work for fun events this semester to educate you on being eco-conscious and sustainable with your eating habits (*give you free food*), and we’re also working on reforming some dining programs to continue making your life here at the UofR as awesome as possible and to help you keep your healthy New Year’s Resolutions possible while living on a college-student budget.

Something to remember from last semester: refillable coffee mugs get you a discount on hot tea/coffee, and cold cups get you a discount on iced tea/coffee. Prices should be set to the same level at all locations on campus.

Throughout the year, we’ll be posting similar news on Dining programs here on the blog. We’ll also post some fun reads that’ll be worthy of Buzzfeed competition for your procrastination time (bold statement, I know, but I’m gonna live up to it). So bookmark or follow us on Facebook and keep your eye open for Team Green activities in the Weekly Buzz!

Have any questions for Team Green? Post a comment on one of our posts or send us an email at urdiningteamgreen@gmail.com. We’ll be happy to help clear anything up for you!


Author: Jackie Ibragimov


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