No Waste Dinner 2015

Last week we held what Team Green calls a “no waste dinner” in Douglass Dining Center, which is where we compost all post-consumer waste produced at dinnertime. In three hours, we collected 100 pounds of food waste that would have normally been sent to the landfill. Sadly, we noticed many people dumping almost entire plates of food into the buckets. We were not only doing this event to teach people about the benefits of composting, but also to educate people about how much they really waste.

If we take what we composted that night to represent an average dinner, then we can assume over 400 pounds of food waste is thrown out each week at Douglass alone. Remember, Douglass is only open for dinner 4 days a week. That is a lot of waste; waste that can be prevented.

So what can you do to produce less food waste? First is to only take what you know you are going to eat, if you are still hungry, you can always go grab more.  Second, take smaller portions if you are not sure if you are going to like something so you do not end up throwing out an entire plate worth of food. You may not think you make a big difference but you do.

Check out the photos bellow to see a recap of the event!





Author: Gabryella Pulsinelli


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