How to Properly Recycle Starbucks Drinks

Let’s see how much you really know about Starbucks:

  1. Are Starbucks cold cups recyclable?
  2. How about their warm cups?
  3. Can you refill your reusable mug with tea or coffee for just $1.39?

The answer to Q1 is yes, all cold cups are recyclable! Just make sure you dump out the ice and any leftover iced coffee. By recycling cold cups, waste is diverted from landfills, which prevents more land from being converted into waste facilities. Don’t forget the straw! (They’re recyclable too.)

Q2 is somewhat of a trick; half of the cup is recyclable. Any plastic lid used on a warm beverage is recyclable but the paper cup is not. So if you have been throwing out the lids on your coffee, start recycling them! (However, you can recycle the paper sleeve.)

The answer to Q3 is: absolutely! If you bring your reusable mug into Starbucks, you can get coffee or tea refilled for only a 1.39!

So why do we care about how much goes to landfills? The more trash we deposit, the more energy and oil we have to use for transportation and proper disposal of waste. The more we can recycle and compost, the more resources we can conserve.

So next time you get Starbucks, remember to recycle!


Author: Gabryella Pulsinelli


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