Take Back the Tap 2014

For those of you on the University of Rochester campus, you’re about to see a lot of “Take Back the Tap” (consider yourself warned).  But what exactly is this super mysterious, highly complex initiative?  Take Back the Tap is a Team Green educational campaign, running throughout this semester, that aims to educate University of Rochester students about disposable water bottles.  Okay, so maybe it isn’t that mysterious.  Or complex.

Take Back the Tap (TBtT), in addition to educating students on disposable bottles, is meant to help students think about their choices as consumers.  Do I buy whatever products my parents bought, simply because I grew up with them?  Do I only buy whatever’s most convenient as I run from class to club meetings to work shifts?  Do I know the environmental or social impact of what I buy, and, more importantly, do I care?  They’re all good questions, and ones I unfortunately don’t ask myself nearly enough.

Before you point out that we’re biased: yes, we’re biased.  We are Team Green after all; that’s “green” as in “hippie environmentalists”, not “green” as in “light with a wavelength of approximately 530 nm”.  But TBtT is meant to present unbiased information, in the hopes that this will help students draw their own conclusions.  Each month, TBtT will handle a new topic, which will be explained with a video or an infographic, sometimes both.  If you disagree with anything presented, you’d like to make a counterpoint, or just want contribute to the discussion, then by all means tell us about it as a blog comment or via email, at URDiningTeamGreen@gmail.com .

And at some point there’s going to be crafts (ooh, aaah, crafts) so you should totally come check that out too.


tl;dr: check out the flyer, because we all know that’s more fun than reading.

1-20-14 what is TBtT edit purple


Author: Charlotte Humes


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