A Sustainable Thanks-gif-ing

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope y’all are enjoying the bounty of everything for which you can be thankful– friends, food, no classes.  As you all know, my goal this year was to have a sustainable Thanksgiving.  I stayed on campus, so transportation wasn’t really a big deal, allowing me to focus on making sustainable food choices.  I decided to try something radically new and make my own tofurkey.

Confession: I didn’t really know what I was doing.  Not a clue.  So I just threw some things together because making things up as you go along is great and never, ever ends poorly.  Nope.

funny (14571) Animated Gif on Giphy

The whole time it cooked, I was watching nervously.

My mom actually called while I was cooking to wish me a happy Thanksgiving.  She asked how I was celebrating, and I explained that my day consists of staring at the oven as if my observation will somehow affect the cooking process, and obsessively turning the oven light on every five minutes to check the progress.  “You could have just bought a pre-made one,” my mother pointed out.

How it turned out:

Phil Dunphy

I also mentioned I’d be sharing, to help prevent any waste.  When I told my friend Brandon that he, being the lucky, lucky man that he is, got to enjoy some lip-smacking tofu turkey, he wasn’t exactly thrilled by the prospect.  But he, being the really, really good friend that he is, agreed to try it anyway


For a self-professed carnivore, he actually thought it was pretty okay.  (The fact that he ate a whole slice means he doesn’t get to knock it.)

Of course, the roasted squash, which I stuffed with barley, and the baked butternut slices turned out delicious (and even my omnivorous friend agreed with me here).

So in the end, Thanksgiving dinner turned out just fine.

Bill Cosby Hoagie

…And tofu totally turns into pumpkin pie!

Mind Blown

Hope your day was as exciting (and sustainable) as mine!

Ice Cube Good Day

all images from reactiongifs.com, excepting the first, from giphy.com


Author: Charlotte Humes


2 thoughts on “A Sustainable Thanks-gif-ing

  1. Hey! Really love your blogging style! Love the use of GIFs, too (especially the adorable little girl just adding”some spices”. Glad your tofurkey and the rest of your sustainable meal turned out well. ‘Twas a very interesting read!


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