Local Foods Week: Day Five

Local Foods Week has ended, and I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it (to quote one Rochester student on Local Foods dinner in Douglass, “Loving the food in Dougie. These mashed potatoes. THIS BUTTER.”).  It’s been a good run, with some perennial favorites (didja try the pumpkin ice cream?) and some new events (like the photo booth in Danforth).

My favorite LFW moment (narrowly beating out that Douglass butter– can we name that butter?  It deserves a name.  Jesus Butter?  Cocaine Butter?  How about Sexy Butter?) happened at tonight’s photo booth.  For those who couldn’t make it, students wrote down on a whiteboard what local food means to them or why they love it, and let us snap a photo of them with their statement ( https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.675162935835454.1073741826.394377440580673&type=1&l=19190ad1ac ).  I asked one student if he’d participate, to which he initially replied, “Sorry, but I don’t actually… well, I’ve never thought about it.  I don’t know anything about local food.  I don’t know if I’ve even had any.”  I pointed to his plate, which was full of locally produced items.  “Your dinner’s totally local!  Take a bite and you’ll be an expert.”  He ended up agreeing and wrote down for his picture that local food is delicious.  (Another favorite moment, asking someone I met during photo booth if they were a freshman, to which they said with great distress, “Oh man, is it that obvious?  You can tell because I’m still friendly, right?”  I don’t know whether to be amused or worried that apparently all upperclassmen are fated to a life of sad unfriendliness.)

Just as a reminder, LFW doesn’t really end.  Dining will continue serving local food whenever possible, and hopefully you take advantage of the opportunities to get local produce in Rochester.  And maybe if you ask nicely, Douglass will bring back more Sexy Cocaine Jesus Butter.


Author: Charlotte Humes


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