NYS Local Food Facts

Happy Thursday of Local Foods week! Today, my blog post is going to be on the little known facts around local food, especially here in lovely New York state.

So here are some numbers:

23%: of the state of New York is dedicated to farm land (that’s about 700 million acres).

$332 million: Estimated valued worth of the grape vines in this state.

New York State is the third biggest producer of wine after California and Washington State.

1,500: the average number of miles traveled by the food for an average dinner.

It is estimated that we release 10kcal of energy into the air from car/truck exhaust for each 1kcal we receive.

Just a few number facts to rock your world today as we continue to explore the range of local food options available to us at UR and in the city of Rochester.


Author: Rachel Sanguinetti



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