Local Foods Week: Day One

Hey y’all!

Hopefully everyone on UR’s campus has already heard about Local Foods Week (LFW)!  Of course, I understand that with the bombardment of flyers, painted tunnels/rocks, chalked sidewalks, and listserve emails, it can be pretty easy to forget one of the umpteen million things advertised to you each week.  So just in case it somehow slipped your mind, here’s the dish on LFW:

Local Foods Week is held once per semester.  It showcases the commitment of Dining Services to making ethical, low-impact choices about what they purchase and serve to students, and also celebrates the delicious food produced right here in NY!  Dining purchases locally throughout the entire year, with 40% of Dining Service’s annual expenditure devoted to locally produced items; but LFW gives everyone a chance to really go all out with events like the Local Foods dinner tonight in Douglass (5-8 PM, come check it out!), where every single station will serve a dish centered around local goods.

So what is “local food”?  Campus defines “local” as anything coming from within a 200 mile radius of the University.  To help us find and obtain such things, the University of Rochester has joined with Pride of New York, a program started to encourage the use of locally grown and processed items.  Pride of New York helps connect purchasers (like us) to nearby farms and food manufacturing centers.  We were actually the first college to join in the Pride of New York program!  (If you’re interested, you can learn more about the program here, http://www.prideofny.com/PONY/consumer/viewHome.do .)

LFW, in addition to sharing delicious food, is also intended to help answer the question, “Why local?”  So why do you think local food is important?  I’m sure you can come up with a few answers of your own.  (We’ll be talking about this in tomorrow’s post, too!)  Hopefully this week helps us all remember to be conscious of what we’re eating and why we’re eating it.

Whatever reasons you found for choosing local, LFW is Dining Service’s way of saying, “Yeah, all that, we support it,” and cooking up some amazing dishes to prove it.  And now that you’re all LFW experts, you can keep checking back here for updates on how it’s going.  Here’s wishing you a delicious (and sustainable) Local Foods Week!


Author: Charlotte Humes



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